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since 2nd August 2006

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Apologetics by Clive Anderson & Brian Edwards

Evidence for the Bible by Clive Anderson & Brian Edwards


Co-authored with Clive Anderson, Evidence for the Bible is an attractive large format hard back with full colour pictures of the many items that authenticate or illustrate the reliability of the Bible. Evidence lifts people and events from the pages of the Book and sets them in the context of time and place.


This is a valuable resource for all who preach or teach the Bible at whatever level, as well as for those who are  eager to have a strong back-up knowledge to answer the critics of biblical accuracy.


A unique volume in the field of biblical archaeology including:

•  A text that is accurate and informative but assumes no prior knowledge of the world of archaeology.

•  Timelines of all the Ancient Near East empires which help to place biblical events in context.

•  Articles on specific issues such as the Pharaoh of the Exodus, the census of Quirinius and the resurrection appearances.

•  An assessment of fallacies in the world of biblical archaeology

•  A full Scripture index.

•  A glossary of terms

•  And more……