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Brian H Edwards


Commentaries by Brian Edwards

The Ten Commandments for Today.


287 pages. First published 1996, Revised edition 2002. Day One.
Also in Spanish 2000

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With a downgrade of the moral law of God among many Christians today here is a careful defence of the continuing value of the Ten Commandments as the moral law from our Creator. The Commandments are applied to our contemporary society.
'This is a highly readable treatment of a vital subject and can be gratefully recommended’ (Evangelical Times).
‘Seldom have I appreciated a book more than this one’ (The Gospel Magazine).
‘Brian Edwards gives us a modern commentary, carefully uncovering their true meaning, and incisively applying them to our contemporary society’ (Andrew Anderson)

God’s little people - (individual titles as below.)
112 - 128 pages with Scripture indexes. Day One.
For every person whose name blazes across the pages of history—such as a Wesley or Bunyan—there are tens of thousands of ‘little people’ who have faithfully and courageously maintained a stand for the truth and extended the borders of the Kingdom of God. It is upon such as these that the Lord builds his church. Most of us are precisely that—just little people. This is a book to encourage every Christian faithfully at work in the church today.