Brian H Edwards

since 2nd August 2006

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Brian’s latest series is now available 




In a series of six books, Brian's previous books on the Bible are revised, refreshed, updated and expanded.



Do you ever ask...


What is the Bible all about?

How do we know it can be trusted?

How did Jesus and his disciples use the Bible?

How can we be sure that Bible history is true?

Have we got the right books in the Bible?

Who wrote the Bible books?

How can we answer the critics?

What have some of the best scholars said about it?

How can we decide which translation to use?

How best can we enjoy reading and understanding the Bible?


       and a whole lot more ...


'...A comprehensive and greatly needed resource, which deserves to be required reading for every believer... I could not commend it more warmly.'

David Jackman, Founder of the Cornhill Training Course.


'...A tour de force and a marvelous gift to the church in our secular age. I could not commend the series more warmly or enthusiastically.'

Richard Cunningham, Director, Universities and Colleges Christian Unions.








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