Brian H Edwards

since 2nd August 2006

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Praise! Hymn Book

Praise! is a 21st century hymn book designed to be a comprehensive book of psalms, hymns and songs for Christian worship. Brian is chairman of Praise!Trust and the Editorial Board.


The book combines:  

  • a careful choice of the best of modern hymns and songs

  • a wide selection of traditional hymns sensitively updated

  • at least one version for every biblical psalm

  • all in a single book of one thousand items:

  • sufficient for all occasions,

  • reflecting the language of today

  • faithful to Scripture



In addition to hardback copies of music and words Praise! also offers an online service where new items are added and all items can be downloaded, including sheet music.


Exploring Praise offers a valuable comment on every item in the book.


Visit our website to discover all that Praise! has to offer you and your church.

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