since 2nd August 2006

Brian H Edwards


Brian has been called primarily to the Christian ministry of preaching and teaching God’s word. Although he speaks at conferences both in the United Kingdom and overseas, his main concern is to serve local churches in their evangelism and teaching ministry. Because of this he restricts his overseas travel and conference ministry. Brian allocates some months in the year to serve local churches in series ministry either on Sundays or mid week. This may be for two or more successive weeks.

In order to retain flexibility and to be sensitive to the direction of the Lord, Brian does not accept firm commitments in his diary more than eighteen months ahead.

He is happy to serve any congregation or conference – irrespective of its size – which is committed to the inerrancy and authority of the Bible. However, for series ministry he normally has to limit his radius to a reasonable driving distance from London.

Brian also lectures on theology at the Prepare for Service training course and gives PowerPoint presentations on various historical subjects, especially William Tyndale, John Newton, and the British Museum Bible related items.

For a statement of Brian’s doctrinal position please see Theology.