since 2nd August 2006

Brian H Edwards


Purchasing publications by Brian Edwards

Brian Edwards has written over twenty books and edited many more. Most of his books are still in print and they cover a wide range of subjects including:

Marriage preparation
Travel Guides
Praise! Hymn Book
Contemporary issues

More details and ordering information can be found through the websites of Brian's publishers or good local bookshops. Click on the logos below to open a window for each website.

Day One Publications

A number of Brian's books are published by Day One Publications.
Day One is producing some of the highest quality material among Christian publishers today: both in content and presentation. It deals with issues for Christians in the twenty-first century in a thoroughly biblical way.
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Book signing at the Christian Booksellers Convention 2006

Praise Trust

Praise! is a new interdenominational evangelical hymnbook containing one thousand psalms, hymns and spiritual songs for congregational worship in Protestant churches. Recognising that contemporary worship requires both traditional hymns and modern songs and choruses, we have undertaken the revision of hymns and an alternative to metrical psalms. This hymnbook provides some of the best of the old and contemporary material.

Brian serves as the Chairman of the Trustees and Editorial Board for Praise Trust .

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