since 2nd August 2006

Brian H Edwards


Revival publications by Brian Edwards

Revival – a people saturated with God. Currently out of print.

A study of spiritual revival in the Bible and history.
303 pages with full index. First published 1990. Fifth impression 1997. Sixth impression 2004.
Evangelical Press.
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An introduction to the subject of spiritual revival based upon the experience of Israel in the time of King Hezekiah in the Old Testament. The meaning of the word ‘revival’ is defined and the hallmarks of revival are described with warnings against false views of revival. Illustrated from stories of revival across the centuries of the Christian church, the book covers the state of the church before revival, the events during revival (urgency, preaching, conviction, prayer, worship, evangelism, giving and children) and the aftermath of revival. A challenge for the church today to long for and pray for true revival.

Can we pray for Revival? Currently out of print.

A biblical theology of revival.
213 pages including Scripture Index and end notes. First published 2001. Evangelical Press.

It is essential that any and every experience of the church is tested by Scripture. Here is a careful examination of the subject of revival from Scripture. After distinguishing revival from mission, reformation, restoration, and renewal, our focus is upon the Bible. We examine the work of the Spirit before and after Pentecost, and consider the examples, experience and expectation of revival from both the Old and New Testaments. Some model prayers for revival found in the Bible are also explained. An essential companion book to Revival – a people saturated with God.