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since 2nd August 2006

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Revival publications by Brian Edwards

Revival – a people saturated with God.      


‘This treasure trove well-deserves a place in every Christian home. Following the Old Testament example of praying for a spiritual awakening by hearing what God did in the past, the narratives and testimonies of revival unmask our spiritual poverty and fuel a desire for God to awaken us today to pray that he will ‘in wrath remember mercy’.  

       Sinclair Ferguson

       Chancellor’s Professor of Systematic Theology at the Reformed Theological Seminary


‘In researching the history of revivals we hear another language almost unknown in the modern church with its emphasis on methodology and management. I defy you to read this excellent book and not long with fresh urgency for God to come with revival and to do in our generation what he has repeatedly done in the past.’

       Terry Virgo

       Preacher, writer and founder of Newfrontiers


‘This is a much-needed book because of the spiritual state of the Western world. The first need of today’s church is to know a genuine move of the Spirit of God, glorifying Jesus, re-energizing God's people, and saving multitudes of the lost. We are reminded of the reality of God-given revival and its possibility for our day. May the Lord encourage us to hunger and pray for God’s revival power.’

      Michael A G Haykin

      Chair and Professor of Church History & Director of The Andrew Fuller Center

      Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky


Praying for Revival


The twin volume with this, Revival – a people saturated with God, answered the question: What is ‘revival’ in the history of the Christian church and how can we distinguish a genuine work of God’s Spirit from the false claims that often distract us? The hallmarks of God’s special occasions across the centuries and across the continents were gathered together to present a thrilling account of God’s great work in spiritual revival.


However, some questions remained:

• Is revival an experience taught throughout the Bible?

• If it is, can we confidently expect revival at any time?

• Will there be a final great revival of gospel success before the Saviour returns?

• What hinders our prayer for revival?

• How can we maintain effective prayer for revival?

These are some of the issues discussed in Praying for Revival.


Brian Edwards steers us through the minefield of misunderstanding. Here is a theological framework to support praying for revival.






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