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since 2nd August 2006

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Grace -- Amazing Grace


Published 2003. Revised and second edition 2011. 297 pages with Scripture Index. Dayone.


'Grace is one of the most beautiful words in any language and it is the supreme description of God'. With these opening words the author introduces his theme, and its sixteen chapters portrays the grace of God in a variety of aspects. The author penetrates the richness of his subject in a popular and compelling style-it is theology for the heart. This book is firmly theological, warmly devotional, and eminently practical. Brian Edwards challenges commonly accepted positions in 'Forgiving grace', provides a robust chapter on 'Universal grace' and a moving chapter describing 'Incarnate grace'. In particular his approach to the reality of 'Ultimate grace' is a fitting conclusion to the whole subject.'





The Divine Substitute



First published March 2006. 159 pages including general and Scripture indexes. Day One.

Co-authored with Dr Ian Shaw, Provost of Union College, South Wales.


Why did Christ have to die such a terrible death upon the cross? Was there no other way? Why was there need for a 'Divine substitute'?

This book explores the very heart of the Christian gospel: the belief that Christ died in the place of sinners, bearing their sin and guilt and the just and holy punishment that they deserved from God.

The doctrine of the atonement has become the subject of intense debate, and  The Divine Substitute demonstrates that the understanding of the death of Christ as a work of penal substitution is the principal way – though not the only way – in which the Bible views the death of Christ, and that this has been taught at every period in the history of the church.

Here is a challenge to a deeper biblical and historical understanding of the atonement, and an encouragement to proclaim and live out the message of the Cross with renewed faithfulness and courage.




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