since 2nd August 2006

Brian H Edwards


Brian’s Christian convictions can be described as Evangelical and Reformed. His core commitments are to the central beliefs held by the Protestant Reformers in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. In particular:

• The unity of the Godhead in three distinct Persons: the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

• The authority of the Christian Scriptures (the Bible) as the word of God without error.

• Jesus Christ as the Son of God who, in his earthly life, was both God and perfect Man.

• His death as a substitute for us taking our guilt, sin and punishment.

• The dignity of all human beings created by and in the image of God.

• The lostness of all people resulting their rebellion against God.

• The necessity of personal salvation and the new birth by the Holy Spirit

• The certain return of Jesus Christ in glory to herald the day of judgement.

• The eternal joy of the new heavens and new earth

• The conscious eternal separation from God for all who do not trust in Christ for salvation.

For a more detailed statement of these truths please visit the page ‘What we believe’ on the FIEC website. 

The word of God - without error.