Brian H. Edwards

Brian H. Edwards

Portfolio of Books

This page is to be populated with the full portfolio of books authored, fully or joinly, by Brian Edwards.

Evidence for the Bible

Evidence for the Bible

First published 2014 with Clive Anderson. A large coffee-table hardback in full colour 253 page. A valuable resource for all who preach or teach the Bible at whatever level, as well as for those who are eager to have a strong back-up knowledge to answer the critics of biblical accuracy.

A unique volume in the field of biblical archaeology:

  • A text that is accurate and informative but assumes no prior knowledge of the world of archaeology ;
  • Timelines of all the Ancient Near East empires which help to place biblical events in context.
  • Articles on specific controversial issues
  • An assessment of fallacies in the world of biblical archaeology
  • A general and Scripture index
  • A glossary of terms… and more…

The evidence of archaeology authenticates and illustrates the Bible. Lifting people and events from the pages of the Bible and setting them in the context of time and place.

Background to the Bible

Background to the Bible

First published in 2021 with Chris Sinkinson and Clive Anderson. A large coffee-table hardback in full colour 212 pages.

A companion to Evidence for the Bible. New discoveries are constantly coming to light in the vigorous and enlightening science of archaeology related to the Bible. In Background to the Bible we have added new information to encourage an informed journey through the pages of the Bible. Valuable for serious study or for relaxed and informative reading.

Little people in Paul’s letters

Little people in Paul’s letters

First published 2005. 112 pages.

For everyone whose name blazes across the pages of our Christian heritage, there are tens of thousands of ‘little people’ who have courageously and faithfully maintained a stand for the truth and have extended the borders of the Kingdom of God. It is upon these that the Lord builds his church.

As if to set us an example in this, God has developed for us a theology of the little people. This book is the story of some of those little people who Paul takes great delight in introducing into his letters. God’s theology of little people is a lesson of encouragement for every Christian faithfully at work in the church today.

Little women in the Bible

Little women in the Bible

First published 2006. 120 pages

In an age of awards and medals, the greater number of citizens live, work and die without so much as a royal wave. But they equally may leave a valuable legacy.

None of God’s ‘little people’ expected to be known two or three millennia after their death, but they are here on the pages of Scripture as a reminder that the Sovereign of the universe uses ordinary people to fulfill his great plan. Here are the spiritual ‘little people’ that make up the bulk of God’s army for defeating evil in the world.

The apostles of Jesus

The apostles of Jesus

First published 2005. 128 pages

For all their importance, most of the apostles of Jesus have very little on record either of what they said or what they did. For some, we do not have a single word that they spoke, and others appear only as a name in a list. Most pass from our view after the first chapter of Acts. However, the purpose of their lives, and ours, is not that they should leave a name for themselves but that they should exalt the name of Christ. John the Baptist set the compass bearing for the journey of all who follow Christ: ‘He must become greater; I must become less’ (John 3:30). Few have exhibited this so well as the twelve apostles.

Grace—amazing grace

Grace—amazing grace

First published 2003. Reprinted 2011 & 2016. 297 pages.

Grace is the most beautiful word in our language and the supreme description of God.

Firmly theological, warmly devotional and incisively practical, here are seventeen chapters of theology for the heart. Commonly accepted views are questioned in ‘forgiving grace’, a robust chapter penetrates ‘universal grace’, a moving chapter presents ‘incarnate grace’ and a closing chapter on ‘ultimate grace’ is an intriguing and fitting conclusion. The questions at the close of each chapter make this an excellent book for small group discussion.

Nothing but the Truth

Nothing but the Truth
All you need to know about the Bible

First published 1978, revised 2020. Hardback 766 pages with source references and a full index Answering, in an accessible and accurate way, the many questions that are asked about the Bible: What does it claim for itself? Who wrote it and when? What Bible did the Jews, Jesus and the apostles have? Was anything left out? How can we respond to its critics? How can we choose a translation and read it with understanding? And much more.


  • Chart of Old Testament books and their main preparation for the Messiah;
  • Harmony of the Gospels;
  • Outline of the Acts and where the letters were written;
  • Plan to read the whole Bible in eighteen months;
  • Using your Bible for a daily time with God;

The Ten Commandments for Today

The Ten Commandments for Today

First published 1996. Revised in 2002 with Scripture and general index. 287 pages.

Also in Spanish 2000

An exposition of the Ten Commandments applied to the twenty-first century.

Revival - a people saturated with God

A people saturated with God

First published 1990, seventh impression 2013. Revised 2019. 217 pages.

Also in Spanish 2001.

What is ‘Revival’ in the story of the Christian Church and how can we distinguish a genuine work of God from the false claims that often distract us? The hallmarks of God’s special occasions across the centuries and across the continents are gathered together to present a thrilling account of God’s great work in spiritual revival.

Praying for Revival

Praying for Revival

First published 2001. A new edition 2019.

A theological framework to support praying for revival and avoid misunderstandings.

Is revival an experience taught throughout the Bible? If it is, can we confidently expect revival at any time? Will there be a final great revival of gospel success before Jesus returns? What hinders our prayer for revival? How can we maintain effective prayer for revival?

These are some of the issues discussed in Praying for Revival.

John Newton

John Newton
Through Many Dangers

First published 1975. Enlarged and revised 2018 illustrated. 245 pages with full index.

An adventure of passion and danger unequalled even in the eighteenth-century.

Rejecting his mother’s Christian faith, John became a reckless, blasphemous sailor and an evangelist for unbelief. Press-ganged onto a man-of-war, flogged for deserting his ship, and eventually enslaved and starved in Africa. All because of his passion for Mary - a girl beyond his reach. Later, as a slave-ship captain, John’s life was threatened by mutinous crews, callous traders, desperate slaves, tropical diseases and violent storms.

His encounter with God in an Atlantic storm transformed John to become the caring Christian pastor of the most influential church in the country. Among his congregation, he could number a Lord Mayor, prominent politicians, wealthy aristocrats, a national poet, a leading playwright and hundreds of the labouring poor. John’s unfading love for his wife, his wise counsel, his hymns and correspondence and his fight against the slave-trade, influenced the lives of thousands in his day. More than two hundred years after his death his letters and example are as valuable as ever.

In this new and fully illustrated edition, the life of John Newton is seen against the colourful and cruel backcloth of the eighteenth-century.

Travel with William Tyndale

Travel with William Tyndale
England’s greatest Bible translator

First published in the Travel Guide series 2008. Fully illustrated 126 pages

[Originally published in 1976 under the title God’s Outlaw—The story of William Tyndale (1494-1536) and available in German 1981 and Norwegian 1989].

During the Spring of 1524, William Tyndale slipped secretly to the continent and his life became an elaborate hide and seek pursued by government agents. His life’s ambition, and therefore his crime, was to translate the Bible into English from the original Hebrew and Greek so that even the ploughboy could understand it. After eleven years of avoiding government agents, writing long letters and tracts for the suffering church in England, and revising his translations, William Tyndale was betrayed and burnt. However, his legacy continues within the pages of every English Bible. Tyndale’s translations moulded the English language as we know it.

No longer Two - A Christian guide for engagement and marriage

No longer Two
A Christian guide for engagement and marriage

First published 1994. Revised1999, 2008, 2009, 2016, 2020. Large format. 183 pages.

A workbook for couples preparing for marriage. Designed in a contemporary and accessible style, it faces the issues that will confront two people committing the whole of their lives together. With preparation questions and a short, relevant, Bible Study for each chapter, it is especially designed for those who take seriously God’s revealed plan for marriage.

No Longer Two has become a standard workbook used by church leaders in many countries for the vital ministry of preparing a man and a woman for the most exciting and challenging adventure of their lives.

Horizons of Hope - reality in disability

Horizons of Hope
Reality in disability

First published 2000. Revised 2004. 243 pages. Illustrated.

Dealing frankly with living with disability to show that there is always value and meaning in life however hard the way. Eight chapters focus on individual stories of those living with permanent and incurable disabilities. A final chapter looks at life on four wheels. The story of Brian and Barbara will be found in the first two chapters and the last. Joni Eareckson Tada has written a commendation for Horizons of Hope.

The Divine Substitute - The atonement in the Bible and History

The Divine Substitute
The atonement in the Bible and History

First published 2006. 159 pages. Written jointly with Dr Ian J Shaw.

The evangelical doctrine of propitiation has always been vigorously attacked. Here is a clear statement of the biblical evidence for the doctrine and a survey of those who, from the earliest history of the church to the present day, have held that it is a primary doctrine of the Christian faith. A belief in the death of Christ as a substitute on behalf of sinners, taking their guilt, sin and punishment on himself to satisfy the just wrath of God against sin is fundamental in both Scripture and the history of the church.

Saul and sons

Saul and sons
Decline and fallout in the family of Israel’s first king

First published 2010. 156 pages

Israel’s first king began with great promise and ended in tragedy. Saul’s head start into the monarchy and his accelerating spiral into possibly the most lamentable biography in the Bible is told in Scripture so that we might understand the danger of a man who fell out with God and fell in with the powers of darkness. Saul dragged down with him a godly son. However, the record does not end on the blood-spattered walls of Beth Shan— there is another member of Saul’s line who shines with bright hope and reflects the character of a godly father in contrast to that of a tragic grandfather.

Each chapter concludes with questions for thoughtful discussion suitable for group or personal study.

Out of Print


A booklet to celebrate the millennium. Co-authored with Dr Ian Shaw. 32 pages Illustrated.

This attractive, full colour booklet describes the impact of the Bible on the culture of British society from the time the gospel first entered these islands. It covers law, education, medicine, literature and music, science, and the impact of Christians on social and welfare issues such as slavery and prison reform. Almost half a million were sold and two exhibitions accompanied its use in churches and communities. Workbooks for schools were available also.

Out of Print

Not By Chance
How can we believe in God with all the suffering in the world?

First published 1982. Third impression 1989. 123 pages. Also available in French 1991.

Answering the question: ‘How can you believe in God with all the suffering in the world?’ The book is addressed to those who challenge the Christian faith in a world of pain. It is evangelistic with a clear presentation of the Christian gospel.

Out of Print

Shall We Dance?

An examination of the use of dance and drama in worship and evangelism.

153 pages. First published in 1984. Second impression 1991.

With the rise of many churches using dance and drama in their worship and to communicate the Christian message, this book assesses the place that dance and drama have played in the life of the church historically; it also examines the subject from a biblical perspective.

Out of Print

Da Vinci
A broken code

First published 2006.

With forty million copies in forty languages, The Da Vinci Code was not simply a harmless novel. It was both dangerous and dishonest. The New Testament Gospels were in its sights. Was it a powerful tool or just another broken hammer on the anvil of the Bible?