Brian H. Edwards

Brian H. Edwards

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Brian H. Edwards

In addition to his preaching ministry, Brian can serve churches by offering apologetic PowerPoint presentations on the following subjects

The general approach to an evening presentation is for a 45 min presentation followed by Q&A and refreshments. A full book-table of Brian’s books can be available if required.

Evidence for the Bible. A survey of archaeological evidence for the accuracy of the biblical record. This can be divided into two presentations: the Old Testament and the New Testament.

The battle for Lachish. The details of the Assyrian siege of Lachish in 701 BC referred to in 2 Chronicles 32:9 are matched by the Assyrian records.

The Bible an Authentic book. How the Bible itself reveals so much to be a first hand, eye-witness record.

Luke the historian evidence that the writer of the Gospel and Acts of the Apostles was wholly reliable in all his historical references.

The Authority and Clarity of the Bible. From a biblical and historical perspective with particular reference to the significance of a correct understanding of the early chapters of Genesis.

Understanding Genesis 1. The context of the current debate.

Understanding Genesis 1. How to interpret the text.